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Seasonal Allergies

Notes to share as allergy season starts its Autumn run...

Allium Cepa First grab, great for allergies that change with the seasons, that mostly affect your nose with lots of runny nose/sinus issues.

Apis Allergies that are suddenly brought on in an allergic response to something external. Such as bee or insect stings, pet dander, etc. May have an allergic response with hives or swelling.

Histaminum Medically termed a sarcode, it is a remedy made from the tissues and cells of healthy animals (as opposed to nosode which is derived from diseased tissue, an example being common vaccines) that can be taken to effectively help balance the histamine levels in the body. It can offset allergic reactions (hay fever, hives, mosquito bites, or any sort of skin reaction with swelling)

Euphrasia Similar reactions as seen with Allium Cepa, except it is for seasonal allergies/hay fever that affects your eyes. Those needing this will have very irritated, watery and itchy eyes.

Dulcamara For allergies that are affected by sudden changes in weather. Can have a lot of sneezing with sinus issues, and eye irritation.

Nat Mur For allergies strongly centered in the sinus, that can have an egg-white consistency, usually coupled with a lot of sneezing and a headache.

Ars Alb Allergies with a burning quality (burning eyes or sinuses), generally a lot of sneezing, and be coupled with anxiety.

Sabadilla Allergies that make the roof of your mouth itchy. Can have lots of nasal discharge, and lots of intense sneezing.

Wyethia Similar to Sabadilla with the itchy roof of the mouth, but discharge is replaced with intense dryness of the sinuses/mouth/throat.

Kali Bich Allergies bring on a lot of post-nasal drip, sneezing, and very thick almost “rope like” nasal discharge.

We have a large selection of homeopathic remedies to pull from to help your seasonal allergy issues get back under control. Stop by and let's discuss what you have going on and help find the remedy that fits your needs. We are open Mondays-Tuesdays-Thursdays from 9-4 and always available by appointment on weekends and evenings.


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