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Functional Labwork

A blood test is one of the best methods of self-care available today. Routine blood testing can provide an accurate picture of not only your current health but also your future health.Even if you eat right, exercise, and eliminate bad habits, you may still have an underlying medical condition, nutritional deficiency, or other imbalance that only a blood test can detect.

How many times have you had blood work done and been told everything was normal...even though you continue to feel something is off? 

The fact is, normal does not always mean healthy, and pathological levels are not the same as functional, optimal levels. Historically, blood test results were rarely discussed, and recommendations aren't generally made until you cross from their level of normal into abnormal...or already full of disease. 


Hands and Hearts Botanical has full-service blood testing, from basic a Complete Blood Count or Metabolic Panel to a deeper dive into thyroid and heavy metals testing. We offer Comprehensive blood testing for men, women, and children.

We are unable to accept insurance at this time, however, office visits and labwork are offered at a deep discount to all. Your health is a priority, not your bank account. Contact us for information on your labwork costs.

Let's schedule your appointment  and take a look at what your blood work shows us about your health journey.

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