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Homeopathy & Migraines

Hormonal Migraines are not pretty.

Pain in the eyes...

Pain is one-sided...

Persists longer than a normal headache...

light sensitivity...


20.1% of all women suffer from migraines and multiple studies suggest hormonal imbalances can be at the root of the problem.

Some holistic options to help ease your migraine cycles include:

Magnesium Taurate...this form of magnesium has a special affinity for ocular migraines, those headaches that affect one or both eyes, usually with blind spots or undulating color flashes. When combined with fish oils, mag taurate also works to decrease overall inflammation, improves blood flow, helps to regulate blood pressure, and can be protective against macular degeneration and ocular migraines.

CoEnzymeQ-10: not very absorbable in the body so dose amounts generally respond better at higher-end doses; 150 mg/daily is a good start, and also provides cardiovascular benefits. Do not use more than 3-5 months. Once the migraine cycle seems to show improvement, switch the focus to your diet triggers...including more organ meats, fatty fish, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, oranges, strawberries, legumes, nuts, and seeds can be beneficial, as is the anti-inflammatory diet (Mediterranean diet).

Ginger...powdered rhizome, 500mg 3 times daily is as effective as NSAIDs but far more healthy. As a preventative action for migraines, you can drink ginger tea 2-3 times daily and decrease the migraine occurrence.

Oatstraw has several benefits such as improving circulation, reducing inflammatory cytokines, reducing CVD risks, increasing nitric oxide production, improving cognitive function, and relieving anxiety...many of these things can be triggers for migraine activity. Simply make a cup of tea and sip on it throughout the day.

Some homeopathic options for migraines include...

Belladonna, targets intense throbbing and pulsating pain, extreme fullness in the head

Glonoinum, that same fullness in the head, feels as though excess blood is rushing to the head; this migraine is generally triggered by sun exposure

Iris Versicolor often has nausea and/or vomiting in its list of symptoms along with acid reflux heartburn, and blurred vision

Spigelia is best suited for the intense back-of-the-head pain that moves forward over the head and settles specifically behind the LEFT eye, eye movement is often painful

Sanguinaria is the specific remedy for RIGHT SIDE headache pain; these migraines often come after a period of fasting or during menopause

Nux Vomica headaches are often triggered by chronic stress, alcohol, or even spicy foods and include indigestion, gas, or constipation

Kali Phos is the #1 stress and weakness headache remedy

Natrum Muriaticum directs itself to the migraines that come immediately before/during/after your menses, these headaches tend to be "sunrise to sunset" in nature, building slowly over the day and ceasing at bedtime, typically afflicting those who have issues of anemia

Cyclamen eases the headaches that bring vision disturbances just before or during...flashing lights, flickering lights that dim

Kali Bichrome is helpful in migraines that are preceded by visual disturbance such as a temporary loss or blurred vision; this headache tends to focus in small pinpoint areas, especially over one eyebrow or the other

For more about migraines and other headaches stop by our Corinth office and we can put a customized blend together for you.


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