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Cell Salts & Pregnancy

Cell Salts are made up of 12 minerals that are essential to maintaining your body's functions. During pregnancy, the baby requires certain salts which it gets at the mother's expense. This program will help to replenish any salt deficiencies in the mother and help the baby with its salt requirement. The remedies (salts) are prepared in a very dilute form, making them non-toxic and entirely safe for use during pregnancy. So how do you use cell salts in pregnancy and what exactly does each one help with?

Calcarea Fluorica – bones & implantation

Calc Fluor is for bone development, the elasticity of tissue, and preventing stretch marks, and helps prepare for the stretching exercise of childbirth. It can also help to support implantation prior to pregnancy.

Magnesium Phosphoricum – nerves

This tissue salt is for nerve development and it prevents heartburn.

Ferrum Phosphoricum – oxygen

Ferrum Phos helps oxygen transport in the blood and helps prevent anemia, inflammation and colds. It is thought that our oxygen levels drop right before we come down with a cold. That this is why Ferrum Phos will often stop a slow-onset cold

Natrum Muriaticum – water balance

This is the salt remedy I mentioned in the last post, so as you know this one is all about water balance. It controls fluid and salt balance and so prevents swollen ankles for example. It also helps your kidneys do their job and prevent dehydration before you go into labor.

Silica – teeth, hair, bones

Silica strengthens teeth bones and hair and prevents stretch marks. It's also great for helping prevent postpartum hair loss.

Bonus remedy Kalium Phosphoricum – fatigue

If there is a lot of fatigue or nerve strain, add Kali Phos to the combination. That is especially helpful when you go into labor to ensure energy is up! It is also said that it helps prevent the baby from being overdue by helping provide optimal health during pregnancy.


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