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Homeopathy for Summer Trips

BlogShare: Lisa Samet, ND


As the school year draws to a close, many of us are thinking about summer vacation! Whether it be overnight camping an hour from home or a trip to Europe, here are some must-have remedies to bring with you!

Here's a list of 10 remedies I highly recommend you consider for your next adventure. I recommend all in a 200c potency – and of course, remember, frequency of dosing is related to severity of the symptoms!

  • Arnica: This homeopathic remedy is a first-aid remedy par excellence and an absolute must-have for all occasions. It can help after a fall, a sprain, a cut that’s bleeding or a blow to soft tissue. It is the automatic go-to remedy, regardless of the injury.

  • Arsenicum Album: This homeopathic remedy is very helpful with travelers' diarrhea and upset stomachs. Your patient will often be chilly, restless/anxious, weak and thirsty for frequent small sips. They want company and reassurance. Whether it be from bad food, anxiety, or a “stomach bug,” Arsenicum is often the homeopathic remedy likely to help.

  • Calendula: Another gem and must-have. This remedy is a wonderful option for the minor cuts and scrapes common to outdoor fun. I like this remedy in a cream form as it helps the wound heal quickly, without infection. Of course, clean the area first before applying.

  • Chamomilla: This homeopathic remedy is essential if you are traveling with children, particularly small children. It's beneficial for young children who, for whatever reason, become restless, irritable, whiny, and can only be quieted when carried. It can be a lifesaver with teething, or on a crowded plane!

  • Apis and Ledum: It’s hard to be outside in the summer and not encounter biting insects. These remedies are often most helpful. The person needing Apis has a bite which feels hot to the touch, while Ledum’s bite feels cool. Both can have swelling, redness and itching, and feel better from a cold cloth over the area. Ledum may also be particularly effective with large bruises (like poking your thigh into the corner of a desk) when Arnica doesn't help. Finally, Ledum is often the best remedy to use with a black eye (best if used immediately after baseball or elbow makes contact with eye socket!)

  • Nux Vomica: What's a vacation without a bit of overeating and drinking? And what's better for the after-effects of those moments than Nux vomica? Be sure to take it right before bed (anticipating what waking will feel like the following day), and you will be amazed at how much better you quickly feel!

  • Belladonna: The best remedy for sunburn where the skin is red and hot. Also useful in sudden high fevers where there is a lot of redness and heat (see the common link here?), with glassy eyes and irritable/out of it mood.

  • Rhus-tox: Very useful for sprains and strains, such as a twisted ankle. The keynote of this remedy is that the pain is worse after rest/from first motion, and loosens up and feels better after continued motion. This remedy is also the first one to think of with poison ivy exposure – it can greatly reduce the rash and itch!

  • Hypericum: This remedy is useful after injury to a “nerve-rich” area – such as fingers and toes and tailbone. So after a hard fall, or a hard object falling on a toe or slamming your finger in a car door (ouch!) – Hypericum is the best one!

So, don’t forget your homeopathic first aid kit – and have fun on your summer travels!!!

Lisa has an amazing website and blog -- stop by and check it out!


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