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A Midwife Nation: Pooping During Pregnancy

Pooping During Pregnancy: Constipation, The Runs, Hemorrhoids and Everything You Would Rather Google Instead Of Ask Your Provider

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Everybody poops. It’s the fact I tell myself when I start any type of comparison game in my head. (That mom looks so great; hair, makeup all done, cute outfit…not yelling at her kids…she poops just like me. Comparison game done and smile on my face.) But what about during pregnancy (and postpartum)? How do you manage pooping during these normal phases of life? Do things change? Do things go back to normal?
We’ll go over the expected changes, the unexpected changes and all the questions you never wanted to ask your provider. Around here, the goal is for a nice healthy non-straining poop about once a day. Pooping is normal people! (As usual, I am not your medical provider or midwife and this blog is for informational/educational purposes. For any questions or concerns, use this education to learn more and then discuss your particular health, conditions or questions with your provider or midwife. Read more at the disclaimer.)


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