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Hands and Hearts
Birth & Botanical 

It is my deepest blessing to use my hands and my heart in support of your growing family!

At Hands and Hearts Birth & Botanical, our goal is to provide holistic healthcare to our clients. We are ready to walk with you through traditional Midwifery care for your childbearing season and home birth experience. We promote natural health and healing by combining traditional medicine with modern medical practices. Our team offers a variety of services, from prenatal care and postpartum support to homeopathy, Bach Floral, herbal remedies, Well-Woman care, and functional blood work. Our practice is rooted in the belief that each person’s health is a reflection of their overall well-being. We strive to help our clients maintain their physical, mental, and emotional health by providing a personalized and nurturing experience throughout the seasons of life for the entire family.

Whenever and wherever you intend to give birth your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life

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Ina May Gaskin

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Holistic Health is an individualized, client-centered, evidence-based approach that works together with your body's ability to heal itself in a more natural manner than traditional methods. 

Hands and Hearts Birth & Botanical offers herbal and homeopathic options for the needs of your entire family.

Pregnancy should not have a cookie-cutter approach. You are an individual and your care and support should reflect that. Midwifery is here to support YOU in this journey and help you have your best experience from start to finish.

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