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#HomeopathyMonday: Pulsatilla

#HomeopathyMondaySeries kicks off with some Homeopathy for Women (or anyone!)

To start us off…Pulsatilla.

Pulsatilla is the “expressive” persons hormone corrector and an endocrine sister remedy, as well as correcting adverse effects of antibiotics for things… like glue/sticky ears, tonsillitis and diarrhea. Pulsatilla works thru the mind to correct hormones and suppressed discharges

Mentally, Pulsatilla is gentle, soft, timid, yielding; likes to be touched, fears abandonment and not being liked, changes mood often, and can be irritable.

Physical attributes that suit Pulsatilla cover menstrual difficulties, easily suppressed menses, short and irregular; circulation problems; thick, bland discharges, yellow to green in color; congestion; irregular heart rhythms. There can be hay fever issues, dry mouth without thirst, conjunctivitis, ear infections with heat, and pulsating pain mainly in the overnight periods.

Pulsatilla types tend to retain urine, pain in the heels, and they may sleep with their arms above their head. There is a pain with the first motion of the day.

Generally, Pulsatilla is warm between 2-4pm and prefers open air and slower motion; often thirstless.

Pulsatilla can aid in areas needing increased circulation...varicose veins, phlebitis swollen and sore legs and hands. In cases of digestion, it helps slow or sluggish issues acidity and heartburn, even hemorrhoids. With concerns of breathing it aids in bronchial asthma due to allergic problems, promotes expectoration of mucus, helps treat colds/flu/bronchitis/upper respiratory diseases.

Have an issues with emotional incontinence? Pulsatilla is a first line treatment. In lactation, it can help promote the physiological production fo milk.

Pulsatilla is not recommended for excess use in pregnancy, causing issues of vomiting and diarrhea, and leading to more serious issues, it is suggested you consult with your healthcare provider for strict supervision of use.


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