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How to Manage Muffins...

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Bulk baking can be a lifesaver for back to school...for the new mom...for the working mom...everyone! We all start off with a great plan for those morning rush hour periods...we envision a fresh, hot breakfast of bacon and eggs, maybe fruit ladened pancakes or waffles, hot buttered biscuits and sausage...

...only to end up sleeping late, getting side-tracked by those morning routine LIFE BUMPS, so we end up grabbing dry cereal in a baggie or we hit the McDonald's drive-thru, or we throw money at our offspring while begging them to at least find something healthy once they get to school.

We've all had those mornings. It's ok. It's like a badge of motherhood that everyone earns at one time or another. How can we slow that down and send our kids off with something more suitable in those empty bellies?

Cue the mighty muffin!

Muffins are always there as an option, and the variety of healthy ingredients and tweaks you can do to a muffin are virtually endless! Fruit muffins, oatmeal muffins, even sausage and egg muffins. You want it, you can find it in muffin form!

Did you know making a double or a triple (or when my crew was growing up, a triple double batch!) is so easy and takes no more time than mixing up a regular batch?

Did you know you can FREEZE unbaked muffins as well? Sure, you can set aside a day for baking and and all that, freeze those little baked gems and just grab them to reheat later, but not everyone likes frozen and reheated baked goods. I get that. I've had more than one dry reheated muffin experience in my life.

But a fresh baked muffin without the added time for prep work? Can it get any better than that? It's like fast food...only healthier! And easy to do...

  1. simply mix up that favorite batch of banana bread muffins, or oatmeal blueberry muffins, apple strudel muffins, sausage and egg muffins...

  2. fill your muffin papers (those waxy kinds of muffin papers work great, as do the silicone ones I use). You could also just grease your muffin pan and go that route if you have the freezer space to set that tray level!

  3. Pop your tray or pan of unbaked muffins into the freezer and let them freeze

  4. Once frozen, just pop them of the cups or pan and package them to store in the freezer (baggies, tupperware containers, whatever works for you!)

Now, when those busy mornings start creeping into the routine, just grab a few of those little frozen guys, pop them into your silicone cups or muffin pan, turn on the oven to the original recipe baking temp and let them do their thing. You don't even need to preheat the oven...just turn it on, set them in, and go wake up the kiddos!

Bam! Fresh baked healthy muffins in the morning without any added stress and much less guilt than that drive-thru breakfast you thought you were stuck with! Toddlers love them, teenagers love them, and you'll love how easy it was to give them all something hot and nutritious to start their day (and yours!)

Here's the AllRecipes muffin page to give you some ideas to get started. If you already have some favorite muffin recipes or tips, definitely share them!

AllRecipes: Muffins

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