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Getting a fresh start...

Am I the only who does this?

You really start putting feet to that dream...then, after a year of study and some slow-paced work, you start to feel like you need a fresh approach to that vision again.

I don't do much online in terms of branding myself. That makes it harder to get the word out about who I am, what I do, etc. I know many doulas and other birth workers who are all about branding themselves. They post engaging blogs, have trendy articles shared on Instagram, Facebook, etc. They are not only studying, working, and putting themselves out there in the public eye, but they are doing it with ease and style.

I really don't feel I fit that bill even a little bit. I am more laid-back in those respects. I wouldn't mind having a super awesome blog with all the trendy, in-the-moment posts and graphics. That would be great.

It's just not really me.

For over a year now I have been studying and working on my doula certification and knowledge, advancing into midwifery studies. I am certified as a Labor Doula (Thank you Annie Hill and Madriella!) and, honestly, I could have long since completed the postpartum certification and probably more by now had I stopped other lessons long enough to put the work into those areas in a more timely manner.

It isn't that I got side-tracked or lost interest at all. I have kept up with my reading and studies, I have worked on several projects, moved thru my first year of midwifery studies even. I have had the privilege of serving several mothers at their births, and attended beautiful home births as an observer where I have learned a great deal.

But I didn't move forward with this blog (or even my personal, family oriented blog). I haven't pursued keeping my "business" Facebook page updated. I never started a business specific Instagram like so many do. What I have done in the past year is complete that first leg of my doula certification (onward to postpartum and business eithics!), compete 2 herbal courses, turn in my final work for an A&P course (that I will likely be back in again, auditing this time, so I can really cement things into perspective given the further studies I have completed now), and put well over half a year of studies into the foundations of my midwifery classes. I have found a local-ish midwife to apprentice under as I continue my coursework. I have stalked a local midwife and attended several classes she offers to the community, such as breastfeeding, childbirth education, empowering women to create their own village when one is lacking, etc. I have attended workshops on various herbal and birth topics, and have more planned for the coming months.

So here I am now. Trying to put myself out there so I can have that online presence that technology seems to demand of business these days. I have new business cards coming and I am working on some PDFs I can have available here for visitors and clients. From an online point of view, I may not seem like I have much to offer, but in real life, I believe I have a great deal to share. I have the passion and I am putting the knowledge together so that I can share with others.

My goal in all of this is to put my hands and my heart to use to aid families in growing their families :-) I want this knowledge and work to bless others!

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