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Catch THESE...not THOSE

Just because the weather is getting a little warmer doesn't mean the cold and flu "season" has finished with us yet. Don't get caught off guard -- let us help you get your "medicine cabinet' healthy and prepared for all the common family health support needs from season to season.

Hands and Hearts Botanical has a large assortment of homeopathic remedies we can get your blend ready for you as you need them. And new this year, we will be offering classes on setting up your homeopathy health cabinet for your family's needs.

So, let's catch some of these remedies so we can get through those cold and flu symptoms...

Gelsemium -- characterized by weakness, weariness, and sleepiness. Typically comes on slowly, over several days, slow onset of fever, weakness, and a sense of heaviness in your head, arms, legs, and eyelids. The feeling of wanting to lie down, unable to hold self upright. Often has chills up and down back, no desire for drinks, a headache that begins in the back of the head and may extend to the forehead.

Byronia -- characterized by an aggravation to movement and effort of movement; Typically a slow onset flue with severe aching and irritability. Wants to be left alone. Very thirsty, desires large gulps of water. sweating profusely with a fever and will hold the chest while coughing. Much better for lying still and for heat.

Eupatorium -- Characterized by high fever with severe achiness. Feels an intense pain in the bones or is chilled to the bone. Violent shaking with chills and quite restless with the pain and discomfort. Chilled, but wants cold drinks or cold foods, nothing heated. Lack of sweat with fever and moans or groans with achiness.

Arsenicum -- characterized by restlessness and usually includes GI issues. Desire to clean things up even while sick. Has anxiety and prefers company. "burning" pains and discharges, will thirst but only for small sips. The face is hot and only the body is chilled. Often vomiting or diarrhea, usually together. Generally much worse from 12-1 AM and with anything cold. Better for warmth.

Belladonna -- Characterized by rapid onset of symptoms and generally a very high fever, often paired with delirium or hallucinations. Red flushed face and dilated pupils accompany a severe throbbing headache. Pain is worse for jarring movement. Hands and feet are cold while the body is hot. There is often no thirst but may have cravings for lemons or lemonade.

Nux Vomica -- characterized by extreme chills and sensitivity to all stimuli (lights, noise, odors...)Another one with high fever at a rapid onset, with chills and shaking. Chills from uncovering or the slightest motion of air under covers. Severe headache and can be irritable and impatient. May be preoccupied with work, even while in the fever of sickness. Better for warmth and hot drinks.

Oscillococcinum -- #1 flu prevention at first signs of feeling "off" with any flu-like symptoms. Early in the illness the symptoms are vague and do not point to any other flu remedy. Generalized malaise, fever, aching, chills, and headache.

As prevention, take 1/8th of the vial weekly during the viral season.

Rhus Tox -- characterized by an aching restlessness, flu with anxiety and anguish. Fever can originate from being chilled. Will be very chilly from being uncovered or from drafts, accompanied by aches and stiffness. Pains feel better from near constant movement and there is a burning thirst. Much better for warmth and warm things.

As with any self-care, reducing stress and anxiety is helpful and can make your symptoms seem less to deal with. Staying grounded helps to support your immune system. using 1-2 drops of Bach Rescue remedy or adding 2 pellets of Arsenicum 30c to a 12oz bottle of water and sipping on it throughout the day can help ease those worries about disease and germs, and feeling insecure and clingy while ill.

General lifestyle health tips for any season of illness include the basics like maintaining optimal Vitamin D levels, learning your constitutional homeopathic remedy, getting adequate sleep, washing your hands often, eating a healthy diet with nourishing, healing foods, adding in elderberry and echinacea into your daily supplement routine, and always being sure to get vitamin C levels up when you feel something coming on.

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Homeopathy for Cold and Flu

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