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BlogShare: Elements of Health website

An amazing BlogShare, Elements of Health, is well worth a visit. Here is a snippet of a great post outlining their top remedies over 25 years in homeopathic practice. There is so much more to glean, I hope you go visit.

My Top 25 Remedies

Welcome to my personal top 25 remedies in celebration of my 25 years in practice! This was a tough decision given that there are thousands of homeopathic remedies to choose from. There are only so many we tend to use at home, so that did narrow it down a little bit. I’ve left out a lot of the more common remedies, unless they were one of those “must be on the list” remedies, and included some that may be smaller but equally useful in specific situations. The information here is only a little snapshot so if you need more information to help you make your choice, we recommend th

e small and inexpensive Homoeopathy for the Home Prescriber book, available in the online store or you could research a little more online. Just some general comments before we get into the remedies. Potency 30c is generally fine for home use, but really use whatever you have because the body will work with it. If you need to continue doses for a

few days then a 6x, 6c or 30c can be given 3 or 4 times a day or 200c once or twice a day. How often? Usually we say to give the remedy until the symptoms settle and repeat if they reappear. Since this can make for a bumpy ride in the treatment of acutes, my recommendation is to give your doses quite frequently to start with – hourly or even every 10 minutes for up to 5 doses if the situation is quite intense. Once things settle down you can reduce to 2 hourly and then 3 or 4 times a day if you feel the same remedy is still required. For bruising or broken bones you may need to repeat remedies like Arnica for a few days to a week or more. Nil by mouth If you have a situation where you suspect the patient may need surgery and should have nil by mouth then drops

can be a better option. You can put the drops on the pulse points, top of the head or around the lips, if you would prefer to give nothing at all by mouth just in case. If you have pilules you can put 1 or 2 pilules in ¼ glass of water or in a water bottle, stir vigorously or shake, then do the same as above. If that’s not possible, just crush a pilule and apply where it seems appropriate. Remember we are working with something that has a unique energetic frequency, so it’s a bit like being in contact with a mobile phone, rather than taking a pharmaceutical drug. The remedy works dynamically which is why it will often work quickly.

My Top 25 Remedies No. 1: Aconite – great for nipping things in the bud like a cold or sore throat and first stage remedy for mental shock or after a fright or where anxiety is very high. Symptoms are sud­den­, acute, intense and painful, often­ with great fear (sometimes of dying) and restlessness. There may be a high fever with dry burning heat or drenching­ sweat with thirst. Useful at first sign of cold, cough, earache, etc. Always seek medical advice for fever in a child under 6 months old. Cause: things that come on after exposure to cold dry wind, heat of sun, shock, fright. Better open air. Worse around midnight, cold wind and cold draughts. No. 2: Allium Cepa – Made from the onion, colds begin with onion-like symptoms – sneezing, watery eyes which burn and are light sensitive. Nose runs profusely and nasal discharge burns, throat is scratchy and itchy. Allergies with symptoms similar to above usually worse summer. Headache from congestion. Worse Warmth, evenings, spring, getting the feet wet. Better cool weather, in open air. No. 3: Ant Tart – This is a really useful remedy for rattly, wet coughs where the chest sounds full of fluid, but the GP will frequently say it’s clear. There is so much mucous which is ropy, white and sticky (compare Kali Bich). There may be nausea, retching of the mucous and even vomiting at times. It may feel or sound as if the individual will suffocate with the loose cough. Tongue coated, pasty, thick white. Pustular eruptions, such as in chicken pox. Cause: change of weather, especially in spring and autumn. Better sitting up, vomiting and bringing up mucous, cold water. Worse 3-4am, for sour things, for lying down, in a warm room. No. 4: Arnica – What list of remedies doesn’t include this really useful remedy. Many families come to homeopathy after being recommended Arnica by their body work therapist following an accident or injury where it can help to reduce shock, bleeding and bruising. For swelling, soreness, broken bones (follow with Symphytum 200c and Calc Phos 6x or use our Broken Bones & Fractures Combination), slipped disc, spinal injury (follow with Hypericum 200c). For shock, trauma, violence to mind or body, bleeding of small wounds. Sprains, strains, over-exertion. Useful following surgery to assist with bruising and bleeding. Sore, bruised, aching pain. Don’t want to be touched or assisted. Will often say they feel fine despite serious injury. Very restless. For fish hooks and similar wounds (with Hypericum) especially those which require stitching. Threatened abortion from a fall, soreness of body during pregnancy. Worse touch, being jarred. Better lying down. If in doubt, always use Arnica as your initial first aid remedy. No. 5: Arsenicum Album – Often the first remedy we think of for upset tummies with cramps, so travellers diarrhea and a must for trips to India, Africa, Bali etc. It’s one of the main remedies in our Gastro combination. Can be very thirsty but only for frequent sips. Burning, cramping pains and discharges – vomiting and diarrhea, abdominal distress. Food poisoning, headaches, asthma and chesty coughs, sore throats. May feel cold. In the bigger picture, people who need this remedy are generally anxious and restless. They fear being alone, anxiety about health, fussy and difficult to please. Worse midnight to 2am, cold food and drink. Better heat, hot drinks and food, company­, fresh air (headaches). No. 6: Belladonna – For pain or temperatures which may come on suddenly. Pain may be throbbing, sharp, cutting or shooting and there may be burning radiating heat, very high fever, bright redness, restlessness and dilated pupils. Lethargic or hyper, delirious, striking and biting. Sunburn, heat stroke with headache and fever, minor burns. Headaches which are hammering, bursting, from too much sun. First stage of ear trouble with red, hot ear, sore throats, fever. Usually no thirst. (Aconite – more anxious and fearful of death, more thirsty). Worse touch, light, noise, being jarred, draughts to head, night. Better warmth Always seek medical advice for fever in a child under 6 months old. No. 7: Bryonia – Dryness is characteristic of people needing this remedy­. Any movement aggravates­, even talking or just moving the eyes. Sitting up can bring on vomiting. Symptoms come on slowly. Bronchitis, colds which descend to chest, stiff neck, dry cough, constipation. Patients can be very irritable and are better alone. Very thirsty for cold drinks. Worse deep breathing (from pain in chest), hot room, dry weather, movement, touch. Better pressure & lying on painful part. No. 8: Calc Phos – This is a remedy to think of for bones and teeth, during growth spurts often with leg cramps, for poor appetite, and as a tissue salt (ie 6x potency) it can help improve the absorption of nutrients and bolster up the constitution. There may be swollen glands and chronic mucous, headaches in school children and the children may be whiny and unhappy. Worse: change in weather, humidity, teething, puberty. Better: Warm, dry weather, lying down, after dinner. No. 9: Cantharis – Burns with blistering, bites and stings with blistering. May help the pain following a burn and help promote healing. Sunburn, insect bites, all with blisters. Burning pain in the affected area with other symptoms. Cystitis with burning, scalding and urgency. Constant desire to pass urine but only manages a few drops. Included in our Bites & Stings combination. Worse movement, drinking, urination Better lying down, warmth, night No. 10: Cocculus – This is a great little remedy for motion sickness, morning sickness and for jetlag. In ye olden days (and I do still say this) it was known as the remedy for ailments from night watching, which really means losing sleep from worrying about someone elses health and from nursing the sick. Useful if you have a new baby and are not getting enough sleep or are caring for a family member. This experience can leave the individual feeling sad, depressed and oversensitive, probably because they are so exhausted! There is often vertigo and nausea, and that weird up and down feeling you can experience with jetlag or lack of sleep. There may be an empty feeling, weakness, trembling and a desire to lie down as they are so tired. Worse travel, loss of sleep, smell or thought of food. Better lying down quietly, warm room, sleep.

To continue reading this and other articles, visit Elements of Health

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