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Who Am I?

As a mother of nine, I have a variety of personal birth experiences myself and understand the importance of having evidence-based information available to make informed choices for my own care. As a Direct Entry Midwife in North Mississippi, I will strive to share that education and information by offering personalized, evidence-based care for your childbearing year. My goal is to give you and your family the support and knowledge you need to make informed, evidence-based decisions about your own pregnancy and labor process. If you'd like to know about me and the services that I offer, I'd love to hear from you!

Certificates and Trainings

As a professional Midwife, I’ve received training from multiple certified organizations, and maintain my skills and knowledge through continued education and research. This continued training helps me stay up to date with the most relevant information, and ensures I am providing you with the best, evidenced-base care possible. I invite you to review my training qualifications and experience below.  Please contact me with any questions about my training and certifications that you may have.


National College of Midwifery, online program

NARM PEP study, 2015-2022

Madriella Doula Network

    Labor Support 

    Postpartum Support 

StillBirthday Academy

    Birth and Bereavement Doula


    Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Doula

Herbal Academy of New England


Vintage Remedies,

    Family Health Herbalist

    Essential Oils support

CPR certified 

    Basic Life Support, First Aid, AED certified by American Heart Association

NRP certified

    American Heart Association and American Academy of Pediatrics

Peanut Ball Labor Support certified


Madriella Hands-on Labor Support training

Physiologic Birth, Ina May Gaskin

Wise Women Education, Augustine Colebrook

    Clinical Skills

    Advanced Midwifery Clinical Skills

Midwife to Be, Lisa Aman LM-SC

    MTB Skills Training, Lynda Hoskins, CPM-TN

North American Registry of Midwifes, PEP educational route

Special Delivery Women's Services, Kristina Harper, CPM-TN

    Student Midwife/Apprentice

BEST Training, Andrea Dixon


Mississippi Midwives Association

Tennessee Midwives Association

Evidenced Based Birth, Rebecca Dekker PhD, RN, APRN

VBAC Facts, Jen Kamel

North Mississippi Birthing Project, Tupelo MS

North Mississippi Breastfeeding Coalition

    Breastfeeding Ambassador

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